Who We Are?

Established a decade back BEYOND NETWORKING SOLUTION. is actively involved in connecting multi-vendor computers in enterprise-wide networks, integrating them into customer environments and providing on-going training, support and value added services. We have developed expertise and trained people to a level that has resulted in unparalleled capabilities in handling the most demanding of inter-network requirements – products and services. With the world moving towards Networking & Internet working, the fastest growing segment of the IT industry, the mass arrival of global IT products in India exposed a covert need for specialized networking and systems integration solutions.

BEYOND NETWORKING SOLUTION. combines its experience and knowledge with a commitment to continually improve the contribution that IT infrastructure and services makes for our customers.

We have the training and the experience to design, implement, and maintain a high-speed network that will meet your business needs. Whether you are upgrading your existing infrastructure or migrating from one topology to a more efficient architecture, we provide a complete suite of services to achieve optimized high-speed networking.

Our Vision Our Mission Our Strategies :

To become the most preferred technology integrator and serve institutional and corporate India with multi platform, vendor independent information and communication technology solutions.

To become the most preferred technology integrator and an outstanding provider for edge network solutions and devices. Our primary vision is to continuously enhance customer satisfaction. This is done through:

1. Understanding and incorporating the latest technologies into our solutions.

2. Best Service to the Customer.

3. Respect for the Individual and Development of Team Work.

4. Strive for Excellence.

5. Invest in our people to ensure that they have the highest industry standards and are customer focused.

To concentrate on those challenges and pressures concerned by customers, to provide competitive telecommunications solutions and services, to continuously help our customers create maximum values and help them achieve success by providing excellent services. SIPL’s mission is to be the technology solution provider of choice for businesses, specializing in the development of networking and internet business solutions. We realize that customer satisfaction is the path to our success. We put our customer first, with in-depth needs analysis and the development of workable, real-world solutions. SIPL customers benefit from the blend of tried-and-true technologies with the new and emerging technologies, making it possible for businesses to interact on an unprecedented scale at an affordable cost. Our ultimate goal is to turn our knowledge into value for the benefit of our customers.

Providing excellent services to our customers is our goal and customer’s requirement is our motive power.

Providing high-quality products with excellent services and low running cost. Meeting customer’s requirement is our first priority. Helping our customers to enhance competitiveness and profit.

Persisting management reform to realize workflow operations with high efficiency. Developing with other enterprises in he industry. We are competitors as well as cooperation friends, creating a comfortable living atmosphere and sharing the benefits in the value chain.