Wireless Video Surveillance

Wireless Video Surveillance is one of the fastest growing applications for wireless security systems and fixed wireless transmission equipment. Local Government Units (LGU), and private companies are all in the process of enhancing security through the use of increased video surveillance. The video surveillance industry has made a giant leap forward towards the digitization of its infrastructure. The primary advantage of digitization is that it replaces traditional analogue video transmission networks with their inherent limitations and opens doorways to the endless possibilities afforded by IP-enabled networks. The easily accessible, universal nature of IP-based systems allows easy integration and effortless interoperability with other computerized systems.

The IP-based surveillance infrastructure allows organizations to monitor and verify real-time events and the whereabouts of individuals in multiple locations; record and store high quality video in digital format. Wireless Link’s wireless devices have been designed to provide highly flexible surveillance solutions that can be rapidly deployed where it would be physically or financially prohibitive using traditional hardwired CCTV.