MikroTik Routerboard


  • 18POW

    24V 0.8A Power adapter

  • 2.4Ghz Dipole

    2.4Ghz 5dBi Dipole antenna with RPSMA connector

  • 24HPOW

    24V 1.6A adapter, for long cables, for installations with many miniPCI

  • 48 to 24V PoE Converter

    48 to 24V PoE converter 802.3af support, 802.3at PoE plus support

  • 48POW

    48V 1.46A power adapter, Fits RB800

  • 5VUSB

    USB power injector for RB411UAHR or RB493G


    MMCX to NFemale pigtail


    2.4/5Ghz Omni antenna, 4dBi gain, u.fl connector


    2.4/5Ghz Omni antenna, 4dBi gain, MMCX connector


    uFl to Nfemale pigtail, fits R52H, R11e-2HnD

  • Flex-guide

    Low loss cable assembly, soldered on both ends, with silver plated copper and less than 0.65dB losses

  • MMCX-RPSMA pigtail

    MMCX to RPSMA pigtail

  • RB2011 mount

    Wall mount kit for RB2011 desktop series, Protects cables, Powder coated steel


    PoE injector, for Gigabit LAN products


    PoE injector, for 10/100Mbps products